Student Achivement


Degree Profile

UDLA International Business graduates are professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and a global vision in the field of economics and administrative sciences. They are equipped with a solid knowledge in developing and managing businesses, facilitating the internationalization of organizations or their consolidation in external markets, in order to take advantage of the benefits that international trade generates for society.

International Business graduates can readily identify business opportunities through analysis of the environment and investigation of national and international markets. In addition, they design internationalization projects for products or services, planning international business operations and designing innovative strategies based on comprehensive analyses of the commercial, administrative, financial, and legal procedures of an organization.

The graduate of International Business should perform all their professional activities guided by ethics, honesty, and social responsibility, respecting cultural diversity in a dynamic and expanding scenario marked by the globalization of production and markets. It is expected that they will adhere to national and international trade and investment regulations and contribute to the conservation of the environment.

Retention and Graduation Rates

Retention and graduation rates are calculated through the 2019- 2020 academic year, based on new, first-time students entering in the fall semester, regardless of whether they enroll in the daytime or evening version of their program (if available). These rates do not consider incoming transfer students. The duration of the Architecture program has according to a duration of 5 years and 150% of that amount. Thepercentage of graduates in each cohort by gender considers only actual graduates, not the original makeup of the cohort

Program Learning Outcomes

In every semester, the program provides assessment results according to its Multiannual Assessment Plan (MAP), which typically considers one or more of its program learning outcomes (PLOs). Most programs utilize the platform Brightspace to collect and assess student work and to present the data and evidence of student achievement. These results and their analysis, with the objective of identifying areas for improvement, are presented in the program’s annual assessment report. In the graphic below, the most recent period in which a PLO has been assessed is indicated, with the percentage indicating achievement of the expected performance standard for that PLO, according to the rubric used to evaluate the student work. This standard can be designated at an introductory, intermediate, or final level, depending upon how the course learning outcomes (CLOs) align to each PLO in the program’s curriculum map.

A graduate of the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS program will be able to:

RC1- Identify business opportunities through environment analysis and market research at national and international levels. Effective since : 2019 to 2022

RC2- Apply technical criteria related to foreign trade, foreign investment, and international logistics for business decision-making. Effective since : 2019 to 2022

RC3- Design business strategies based on a comprehensive analysis of an organizations comercial, administrative, financial, and legal processes using information and communication technologies. Effective since : 2019 to 2022

RC4- Design and evaluate internationalization projects. Effective since : 2019 to 2022

RC5- Understand the importance of ethics, social responsibility, and cultural diversity in international business. Effective since : 2020 to 2022